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dbz_android18's Journal

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Android 18
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This community is created for the ~* Android 18 *~ fans. If you like Android 18, your welcome to this community. Android 18 is a Charactor From Drangon Ball Z.


Android 18 is the twin sister of Android 17. She appears in some of DBZ and DBGT. Also She like her brother was one of the only 2 androids that were part human. She then went on to find Son Gokou, after encountering the Z warriors and beating them quite badly. Before they could she and her brother 17 had a chance to find Gokou they had to face Cell and sided with the Z warriors. Android 18 was eventually absorbed by Cell which inabled Cell to reach his perfect form. Android 18 was eventually spit out when Gohan beat Cell really badly. She ended up being wished to be completly human by kuririn and ended up marring him. They had one daughter named Marron.

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